Cloud Services

Cloud Storage and Computing

Access your documentation, email, or calendar 24 hours a day from anywhere using Could Services by SOL-I.S.

SOL-I.S. offers managed data backups to local or cloud storage. Regularly and automatically backup and, most importantly, recover your files within minutes when you need them!

For Cloud Services, our Minneapolis IT consulting firm has partnered with industry leaders to provide business class cloud solutoins to our customers.

Leverage the cloud
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Cloud Services

Backup, Recovery, and Disaster Recovery

SOL-BDR Backup, Disaster & Recovery


1.) Fast and reliable backup and recovery
2.) Schedule automatic backups
3.) Save backups to any location
4.) View backup files for quick file and folder recover
5.) Perform remote or bare metal recovery.

Enterprise or Small Business can take advantage of this solution to quickly and reliably backup, restore and migrate Windows desktops, laptops and servers.  A solution that is crucial to business, using backup/snapshot technology.  Great for system backup/restore tests, quick restore to virtual server, or dissimilar hardware, image backups to the cloud, and redundant images to secondary sites.

SOL-OxygenTank Backup & Recovery

For standard backups, without the need to manage and maintain them yourself, we offer our Managed Backup Solution. Solutions include either local storage backups (lesser expensive of the 3), cloud storage, or both. We’ll recommend what best for you budget and needs.

We partner with the best, to provide backup and recovery solutions that suite every business need. Contact

Hosted Exchange and Office 365

We offer two types of hosted email solutions for our customers: 1) Microsoft Exchange Email thru Office 365 and 2) Private hosted Microsoft Exchange or SMTP POP3 email