Our goal is to stay out of sight and out of mind. Your system simply works.

Meeting your goals takes strategic planning, risk mitigation, collaboration and flexibility.

At SOL-I.S. we are a crucial component of your corporate team. Integrating
all of your goals into the short term and long term vision for your company.


When disaster hits, you can rest assured you are not alone. SOL-I.S. is by your side and ready to spring into action. Regardless if you are a current client or a new one, you will be treated with the same urgency and respect.


  • Why does rebooting fix computer problems? Restarting your computer essentially releases all code from your software applications, empties the system cache, purges temp files, restarts the device drivers and basically starts all items up from scratch. Restarting, rebooting, power cycling… these are all terms you might hear from your tech team that will provide same results. Not to mention, “restarting” any device can resolve an issue. Your cell phone, modem, iPad. So, when in doubt, reboot 1st!
  • What is Email Phishing? Phishing, by its definition, involves sending emails, most of which contain links to malicious sites that either directly install malware or mimic the login pages of reputable and well-known sites.
  • How often should i reboot my computer? There is not a minimum on the amount of times you should reboot your Mac or PC. No harm is done if you don’t reboot. 1 of the 1st troubleshooting steps most techies will ask is, have you rebooted? We recommend that before you call your helpdesk, insure that a simple reboot doesn’t’ fix it 1st. We recommend to our Managed Services customers to reboot at least 2 times per week.


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ON CALL 24/7

Alerted to a problem, we’ll leap into action and work relentlessly until it’s solved. Enjoy the ultimate peace of mind: a 24/7 on-call I.T. department, devoted to keeping your Mac or PC systems humming so your business remains productive.