SOL-I.S. Technology Solutions is an I.T. outsourcing and cloud services provider serving small and mid-size businesses since 2009. With virtual offices throughout the Twin Cities, we serve customers from Farmington and Owatonna to Blaine, Stillwater and Chaska.

What sets us apart from our competitors is our Relentless Customer Service. Your business will have a local team of experts at your service who are diligently devoted to finding the right solution for your project need or technology problems.


Our mission is maintaining your continuous business productivity. We believe that to achieve this, we must perform as if we are part of your business team, your internal I.T. Department. SOL-I.S. is “oxygen for your network”: More than technical support, we aim to completely remove technical issues from our customer’s day-to- day business activities.

We provide world-class expertise on a local scale, with a staff geared to be responsive, respectful, and relentless in supporting the customer’s technology needs.

When you invite us to your holiday party, we know we’ve nailed it… we’re part of your team.


The SOL-I.S. team believes in listening. We know we’ll succeed only when we genuinely understand your needs, and you thoroughly understand your options. Our mutual goal: your continuous business productivity.


Our focus is customer service first. No marketing, no cold calls. We build our business through customer referrals. As a result, our relationships with our customers differentiate us from the pack. Clients know they are heard; they know they come first. Customer satisfaction is our best sales tool. Check out our testimonials here.


We pair our relentless customer service with up-to-the-minutes technical expertise, ensuring that you benefit from the perfect package: technical wizardry wielded by caring, listening humans.


Our commitment to our customers is based on a philosophy that has roots in my military service. The first Navy ship I served on was the USS Robert E. Peary, named after Admiral Peary, a relentless polar explorer who may have been the first to reach the North Pole. His most celebrated quote is “l’ll find a way–or make one.”

Peary’s mentality of discipline, doggedness and determination informs our “find a way–or make one” tenacity. At SOL-I.S., we pair that perseverance with thoughtful, effective communication.


About Troy

I’m Troy Solis, founder of SOL-I.S. Technology Solutions. I started my career in technology as a radar and radio electronics technician in the US Navy. After serving, I joined the medical device industry, where my talent for technology advanced me from electronics technician to roles in I.T. management and consulting. After a decade in staff positions while consulting on the side, I launched SOL-I.S. Technology Solutions, LLC in 2009.

we value people

We treat clients, employees, and vendors respectfully and with complete integrity, strengthening our business, your business, and our whole community. We value being a force for positive change.



We believe businesses thrive when they focus on what they do best. When you put SOL-I.S. Technology Solutions in charge of your I.T., you can do just that.

What’s the SOL-I.S. Technology Solutions business differentiator? We function as an integral part of your team. As your virtual I.T. department, we provide managed I.T., cloud services, virtualization and professional I.T. consulting to organizations that rely on technology.


We believe businesses thrive when they focus on what they do best. When you put SOL-IS in charge of your IT, you can do just that.

What’s the SOL-IS business differentiator? We function as an integral part of your team. As your virtual IT department, we provide managed IT, cloud services, virtualization and professional IT consulting to organizations that rely on technology.


Business-2-Business Involvement

At SOL-I.S. Technology Solutions, we value connections: With customers, with the business community. We take an active role in these organizations: