Troy Solis, founder of SOL-I.S. Technology Solutions, started his career in technology as a radar and radio electronics technician in the US Navy. After eight years of service, he joined the medical device industry, where his talent for technology advanced him from electronics technician to roles in I.T. management and consulting. After a decade in staff positions while consulting as a side business, he launched SOL-I.S. Technology Solutions, LLC in 2009.


Cindy, Office Manager since 2013, leads all customer service, accounts payable and accounts receivable. She is most likely the first helpful voice you will hear when you call us, and the go-to-person should you have any billing questions. Her extensive office management and customer service expertise is a result of her many years spent in the travel industry. She has been to several countries and loves to share her travel insights with others.



Alex is Senior Systems Engineer/Project Lead with an emphasis on Windows, Azure AD and security. He prides himself on making Customer service his priority and puts himself in the customer’s shoes by always asking, “what type of service would I like to receive if I were a customer?” Alex has been a systems engineer since before the Y2K problem, and iPhones.

Alex has always had a passion for tinkering with things from a young age – working on cars, bikes and “lately finishing a basement in my house.”

Favorite things to do – being a father, spend time at cabin, water ski and spend time on lake.



Vicki is our afterhours technician. She works in the evenings to take care of any configuration changes, cybersecurity implementations, upgrades or troubleshooting that requires more time and causes less interruptions for our clients. She has been an asset to our team since 2014.


Brenda began consulting with SOL-IS Technology Solutions in 2020, implementing a long-term strategy and a roadmap to execute. In addition to helping us implement relevant processes, procedures and scorecards to help grow SOL-IS Technology Solutions and hold us accountable, she is also providing these consulting services to our clients.