How Can Hosted Virtual Desktops Benefit My Business?

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Maintaining data and applications on desktop devices, while historically the only way to operate, is becoming obsolete in the corporate world. There many good reasons for this! More and more companies are not only switching to cloud servers but also to hosted virtual desktops…and they are reaping the benefits. What are hosted virtual desktops? Hosted virtual desktops or HVDs are … Read More

Working Remotely is on the Rise: Is Your Team Equipped?

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Hiring remote employees is increasingly common and allows companies to draw from a larger talent pool instead of being restricted by location. However, it doesn’t mean less logistics or expenses for employers. In order to not only attract but also retain talented remote employees, it’s important to supply them with the hardware, software and equipment they need to do their … Read More

Why Your Company’s Data Security Plan Needs Regular Review

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In today’s information age, companies gather mind-boggling amounts of data for the purpose of increasing both profitability and efficiency. While our ability to gather and interpret data continues to increase, we are also increasingly susceptible to security breaches. These breaches can threaten exposure of this confidential information and ultimately our company’s reputation. For these reasons, regular reviews of your company … Read More

Creating a Data Security Plan

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In an age where we have a mind-blowing amount of information shared through mobile and online transactions, the importance of protecting sensitive data is absolutely paramount. In the first seven months of 2017 alone, the Identity Theft Research Center reported over 900 data breaches that consequently exposed nearly 17 million data records. The vast majority of affected businesses? Small businesses … Read More

Data Security Tips for Your Office Administrator

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Security breaches and cyber attacks are no laughing matter. According to statistics from, 64% of companies experience web-based attacks and 43 percent of these attacks target small businesses. Sadly, Scan, Film or Store Ltd. reports that more than 60% of companies never recover from a significant data loss, the ripple effect from which can absolutely devastate a thriving business … Read More

Considering Technology Upgrades for Your Office? We’ve Got 5 Questions to Ask

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The thought of technology upgrades for your office can be an overwhelming one. There is typically a hefty price tag associated with both hardware and software upgrades alike. Choosing to avoid upgrades can be a costly oversight while conversely, upgrading office tech can yield a vast return on employee productivity and your bottom line. As a savvy business owner, the … Read More

10 Questions to Ask When Choosing an Outsourced IT Company

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As a small business, there are plenty of good reasons to outsource your IT support. However, not all IT support companies are created equal. When choosing which IT company your business will hire it is imperative to thoroughly investigate your options and ask some key questions. Here are 10 questions we highly recommend you ask! Do you have experience in … Read More

7 Practical Ways to Clean Your Email Inbox

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The weather’s warming up and the snow is FINALLY melting. Signs of new life are everywhere: we wake up to birds chirping outside our window and observe blades of green grass emerging from the drying lawn, trees bursting with buds, tulips pushing through the soil…Out with the old and in with the new is our daily motto! We feel alive … Read More

Top 7 Mac & Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

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As busy people with jam-packed schedules we are always in search of more efficient ways to accomplish our tasks. Fortunately, when it comes to word processing – whether with a Mac or Windows operating system – becoming familiar with and utilizing shortcut commands is one excellent way to streamline our process and save ourselves a little time. As opposed to … Read More