Data Security Tips for Your Office Administrator

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Security breaches and cyber attacks are no laughing matter. According to statistics from, 64% of companies experience web-based attacks and 43 percent of these attacks target small businesses. Sadly, Scan, Film or Store Ltd. reports that more than 60% of companies never recover from a significant data loss, the ripple effect from which can absolutely devastate a thriving business – larger or small. But all hope is not lost! While IT departments typically set security protocol, office administrators are in charge of enforcing it and can learn from the following tips to keep their company data safe.

Hot Tips!

🔒Passwords exist to protect data so protect your passwords! This can mean installing a password management system or by mandating that all employees update their passwords every 30 to 60 days.

🔒Exercise discretion when it comes to granting employees access to data and be sure your IT department is aware of who has access to what. Keep this list up to date.

🔒Mandate regular trainings to keep employees current on security protocol.

🔒When ordering hardware, consult your IT department for a list of safe choices.

🔒Before you recycle old hardware, take thorough measures to wipe each piece clean of any stored data. It’s wise to have a policy in place for this critical process.

🔒As soon as an employee terminates their employment for any reason at all, terminate their access to all company data.

🔒Make sure all paper data is scanned and duplicated in case of humidity, water, fire damage or theft.

🔒Destroy any old, unnecessary paper records professionally. A professional will cross-shred and pulp them. Microfiche and microfilm should be professionally incinerated.

Office administrators are on the forefront, protecting confidential company data on a daily basis. With well-planned procedures in place, your company can continue to thrive and focus on doing what your company does best.

If you would like help enacting measures to protect your sensitive company data or would like to know more about SOL-I.S., give us a call at 952.279.2424 or online.

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