How Can Hosted Virtual Desktops Benefit My Business?

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Maintaining data and applications on desktop devices, while historically the only way to operate, is becoming obsolete in the corporate world. There many good reasons for this! More and more companies are not only switching to cloud servers but also to hosted virtual desktops…and they are reaping the benefits.

What are hosted virtual desktops?

Hosted virtual desktops or HVDs are also often referred to as cloud-hosted virtual desktops or desktop as a service (DaaS). When a company utilizes HVDs, they store data and applications on the cloud-based server as opposed to the user storing them on their computer or local network. Essentially, each physical desktop becomes a virtual machine.

What are the benefits of HVDs?

Although for the end user the HVD experience is indistinguishable from that of local data and applications, the benefits are many!

  • Because the cloud service provider is responsible for storage, backup, security and upgrades, your IT department is freed up to focus on their more important tasks.
  • When you choose HVDs, you choose multiple layers of security and data protection. This includes redundancy and encrypted virtual desktop access.
  • You receive high availability and optimized power.
  • You experience substantial savings by reducing capital expenditures. Savings can be as much as 30-50% of your operating expenses!
  • You have instant control over which employees have access to what information because data is stored centrally in an active directory.
  • New software is implemented quickly and across all virtual devices simultaneously.
  • Employees can work from their own personal devices because data access is virtual.
  • Because of the agility and productivity HVDs allow for, you experience an increase in employee engagement.

If you are excited about all the ways your company could benefit from converting to hosted virtual desktops or want to learn more about SOL-I.S., give us a call at 952.279.2424!

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