Why Managed IT Services Are So Important to Small Businesses

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Traditional IT tech support is becoming more irrelevant as managed IT services take IT by storm. Whereas traditional tech support offers a break-fix, or reactive approach, managed IT is proactive and offers monitoring, maintenance and technical support. Similar to maintaining in-house IT but without the hefty price tag that small businesses struggle to afford, managed IT companies familiarize themselves with the ins and outs of your small business’s IT structure. It’s from this depth of knowledge and proactive approach that small businesses reap a host of benefits.

With managed IT, small businesses…

…reduce costly downtime. As a result of the emphasis on monitoring and maintenance, managed IT support catches little issues before they become big issues that halt company productivity while driving up costs. Ultimately, managed IT ensures fewer problems that affect the end user.

…are part of a partnership with their IT support. In a situation where traditional tech support arrives on the scene largely in emergent situations, there is little opportunity for them to become acquainted with the full IT structure of your business and even less opportunity for developing any sort of ongoing relationship. Managed IT support is different. Managed IT works with you day in and day out to understand your unique needs and business goals, always enacting best practices to ensure smooth and effective operations.

…experience higher quality services. Instead of just offering break-fix solutions, managed IT will gird up your business against cyber attacks, ensure proper data storage and address any memory issues, update software as needed and address error messages promptly, tending to even the smallest details to keep you up and running.

…have a liaison in vendor communication. Communicating with vendors can be a frustrating process. Managed IT companies forge relationships with vendors and serve as the liaison between your business and your vendors to address warranties, hardware and software support. This is peace of mind for small business owners and their employees and frees everyone up to focus on their individual responsibilities.

…experience reduced overall IT expenses. With secure remote access, managed IT technicians can almost immediately address the majority of technical issues without the cost (not to mention delay!) associated with drive-time. Additionally, the cost of maintaining your IT environment is far less than the cost of the reactive, break-fix approach.

…benefit from the flat-rate payment model. Budgeting for personal or professional emergencies is a grave challenge. Fortunately, the managed IT support model is a flat-rate payment model. Because everything but new hardware and software costs are included, it’s far easier for businesses to plan for the future while maintaining fiscal responsibility.

…allow employees to stay focused on the jobs they were hired to do instead of getting sidetracked with general IT maintenance. There’s nothing worse than getting pulled from the demands of your day to attend to something that doesn’t fall under your umbrella of responsibility. When employees are required to deal with IT maintenance issues, it cuts into their productivity and they often feel spread too thin, resulting in increased stress and job dissatisfaction. Managed IT shoulders all IT responsibilities so employees are able to do their jobs well.

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