Making the Cloud less “Cloudy” – Optimizing Your Cloud Computing Options

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Optimizing The Cloud
In the Cloud?

Chances are your company is already utilizing some form of cloud-based computing.  In fact, 68% of US businesses have adopted managed cloud infrastructure services in 2020. (Source)  If you’re one of the 32% that has yet to make the switch, you may want to review the following top 5 reasons to consider moving to the cloud:

  1. Financial BenefitsSavings include capital savings from not purchasing equipment, lower payroll costs from reducing expenses needed to install, manage, troubleshoot equipment and reduced overall IT costs by paying for only the services you are utilizing.
  1. Improve Data Security – What happens if an employee’s laptop is lost or stolen?  In the traditional environment, your company’s data is compromised.  However, if your data is stored on the cloud, you are able to delete data remotely or transfer to a different account.  Additionally, breaching security measures on a cloud-based platform is more challenging for hackers than in a traditional environment, decreasing your chances of a data breach.
  1. Increase Collaboration – Imagine your entire team having real-time access to edit and share documents.  Utilizing cloud computing is one of the most effective ways to promote team collaboration.  Office based and field employees can collaborate and share data anytime from anywhere.
  1. Flexibility – This is a two-fold benefit.  First, the flexibility to work from anywhere with a reliable internet connection is a benefit to employees and employers alike.  Second, cloud-based services offer flexibility for companies that have variable bandwidth demands.  Servers in the cloud have capacity that adapts to your changing business needs.  This operational agility can be a competitive advantage to your company.
  1. Better for the Environment – If reduced costs, better security and improved productivity aren’t enough to entice you to consider cloud computing; perhaps saving the planet will encourage you to make the move!  You can reduce your organization’s carbon footprint by eliminating equipment purchases. In addition, your server capacity scales up or down as your company’s cloud needs to fluctuate.  It’s a win for both your company and the environment!
In the Cloud – Now What? 

You’ve migrated your company to cloud-based computing solutions and the cloud seems a bit . . . well, “cloudy”.  You are not alone.  For example, a 2020 study shows that two thirds of all companies that have made the migration to the cloud have not achieved the expected benefits. (Source).  It’s important to remember cloud optimization is an on-going journey, not a “one and done” event.  The four most common barriers to fully achieving expected results include:

  • Security and compliance risk
  • Complexity of business/organizational change
  • Legacy infrastructure
  • Lack of cloud skills within organization

Managed services are a viable means of addressing the challenges with 87% of respondents indicating they would consider using this service.  Working with a managed services provider (like SOL-I.S. Technology Solutions) can bring clarity to the cloud allowing your company to access the untapped benefits.  Additionally, they can provide security awareness and training, modifying configurations based on business needs and optimizing all the benefits the cloud has to offer.

Trust the Experts

Taking the time to evaluate and optimize your organization’s cloud computing options may reduce costs and improve productivity.  Reach out to us at 952.279.2424 or online to see how we can help!

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