Phishing – In Case You Didn’t Know

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In case you’re not familiar, here is a good example of what a phishing scam looks like.  Many of us receive notifications of unusual sign in activity.  These days, with all of the scare of cyber-attacks and hacking, it is important to understand that as part of the line of defense.  You as a user must know that phishing messages can be an entry point for such attacks and what to watch out for.

Below is a message I recently received.  If I hadn’t paid attention to the email address of the sender and luckily with my knowledge that the domain is not a Microsoft domain, I was able to identify this as a phishing email.  As a verification step, I then hovered (not clicked) over the green box labeled “Review Recent Activity”.  This exposed a pop-up that displayed the link the button would have sent me to if I had selected it.  It too was not a Microsoft domain.  So, it graphically looks legit, paying attention to the sender and the link helped me determine if the message is legitimate.  Because I have a Microsoft Exchange server account thru Microsoft office 365, I am able to right click this message and mark it as Junk email.

If you have any questions regarding this or other means used by cyber attackers, please give us a call!

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