Technology Trends in Manufacturing

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technology trends in manufacturing

While the manufacturing industry has a reputation for being slow to hop on the technology bandwagon, in reality, technology is taking the industry by storm. Here’s a peek at some of the biggest technology trends in the manufacturing industry today and how they are revolutionizing the way manufacturers do business.

The move to cloud computing 

An increasing number of manufacturers are moving their data to the cloud. These manufacturers are more easily able to store, manage, process and share data across multiple geographic locations. Cloud computing allows manufacturers to reduce their costs, improve quality control and increase their productivity. Ultimately, they can make smarter business decisions which translate into greater customer satisfaction and increased ROI.

The integration of IoT (Internet of Things)

Did you know that manufacturing machinery can talk to manufacturing machinery? It might sound futuristic, but the technology is here. Thanks to the Internet of Things, machinery can send and receive messages regarding operations. If a problem is detected, machinery can communicate via the internet to other networked machinery.  Adjustments to operations via this communication reduces downtime and waste, improves quality and lowers costs.

Enhanced cybersecurity measures

While there are many benefits attributed to IoT technology, cybersecurity risks continue to be of concern. As a result, manufacturers are implementing more security measures to ward against theft of data, trade secrets and product designs. Endpoint protection is one of these popular security measures. More comprehensive than antivirus software, endpoint protection protects all devices on your network from laptops to tablets, from mobile phones to your networked IoT equipment. This approach includes early detection of security threats, investigation and response to threats, device management and data leak protection. It allows businesses to continue to lean into IoT and other cutting-edge technology without jeopardizing their data security.

Improved supply chain efficiencies

The process of getting the right product to the right place at the right time for the least cost is the goal of every manufacturing company. This process is aided largely by technology that streamlines the communication between departments and with customers. Examples include relaying day-to-day workflow and logistics to workers through the use of real-time communication tools, capturing relevant metrics throughout the process and keeping customers informed about the timeline of their orders.  Additionally, technology allows manufacturers to achieve maximum efficiency and maintain clear and effective communication, improving supply chain efficiencies.

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