5 Reasons to be Thankful When SOL-I.S. is Your Managed I.T. Provider

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With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s a great time of the year to remember what we are thankful for. Family, friends, our health, and of course, your Managed I.T. Provider!

Just kidding. We’re not expecting to be at the top of your personal “Thankful-For” list, but when your team partners with SOL-I.S., we just might be at the top of your businesses’.

If you are on the fence about the value that a managed I.T. provider can provide, here are 5 reasons why teams like yours are thankful for our support!

1.You get a whole team of experts who are motivated to keep your systems up and running.

A whole team means just that—when you work with one of us, you have access to all of us.  However, our rule of thumb is, 1 tech and 1 engineer assigned to each customer.  This allows a focused team of individuals who are knowledgeable of your company’s technology environment, the business structure, each individual and their computing practices.  In other words, we believe in building a trusting relationship with our clients while provide excellent IT services.

Additionally, because we strongly believe in team work, you still have an entire group of experts who are available to help with any I.T. problems you run into.

2. We help you stay on top of ever-changing technology

Technology is constantly changing and innovating—and as that happens our team is continuously adapting to the tech climate your business is in. SOL-I.S. will monitor your antivirus and security service tools so your system stays healthy, despite any external tech changes. And our system maintenance will prevent day-to-day problems, keeping your team productive and preventing costly down-time for your business.

3. Round the clock Monitoring and  Maintenance Service

With alert-based monitoring of your technology infrastructure we’re able to identify trends and address any issues as they come up. Many times corrected before you are even aware there was an issue. Alerted to a problem, we’ll leap into action and work relentlessly until it’s solved. Enjoy the ultimate peace of mind: 24/7 monitoring devoted to keeping your systems humming so your business remains productive.

4. We’re on the front lines with Data Disaster Prediction and Prevention

It’s startling but true: according to Boston Computing Network, 60% of businesses that lose their data will shut down within six months of their data loss crisis. With the increase of data’s value, securing it is becoming more and more crucial to your business’s feasibility.

Seamless data backups, reliable restoration, and security measures to prevent a data breach in the first place are just a few reasons to be thankful for this SOL-I.S. bonus. (Learn more about the dangers of a data disaster). Hiring a Managed I.T. Provider full of experts will provide your business with greater cyber protection and give you better peace of mind. And peace of mind is definitely something to be thankful for!

5. We’re your partner as you grow

As you grow your business, we grow alongside you. We help ease the stress of growing pains by assisting with adding new users, new workstations, and equipment upgrades to ensure that hiring, adding new clients, or implementing new business systems runs smoothly. From ensuring your platforms work together well to making sure your business has the right tech tools, printers, and productivity machines to handle growth, we are here for you in every step of your growth.

When you work with SOL-I.S., you work with a Managed I.T. provider that is committed to your businesses’ security, productivity and growth- and that is something to be thankful for! Contact us today to see how our Managed I.T. solutions could become something your business is thankful for.

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