Implement These Work-from-Home Solutions for Your Business!

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In the past 5 years, telecommuting has increased by 44%. In 2017, it was estimated that 8 million people were working from home and that number has continued to climb rapidly. There are pros and cons to allowing employees to work remotely. On the positive side, it can help you decrease overhead costs, allow you to draw from a bigger employee pool and contribute to employee job satisfaction. While we don’t have statistics yet on the number of U.S. employees that are adapting to a work-from-home lifestyle in lieu of the recent COVID-19 outbreak, we do know that employers are frantically trying to equip their employees for an effective remote work experience. If you’re in this boat, here are some non-negotiable tech solutions that will keep your business running smoothly during these turbulent times:


Setting up a virtual private network is mandatory if you have any employees that work from home, even on a part-time basis. VPNs provide each user with secure remote access to their office computer and all files, documents, etc.

Remote desktop solutions

Create remote desktop solutions by configuring your employees’ laptops or personal computers to connect to their office computers. This means that, when they log on at home, they have the same screen and same access as when they log on at the office.

Cybersecurity solutions

Keep hackers from accessing your network, protect your email and data from viruses and take advantage of security training and updates so your remote employees can continue to operate safely. Check out this hot-of-the-press article for some excellent tips!

Collaboration and communication tools

There are an abundance of tools at your disposal to help you create an integrative work-from-home experience for your employees. From file sharing and video conferencing technology to project management software and communication platforms, leveraging these collaboration tools keeps employees on the same page and keeps tasks and projects clipping along. Plus, they help employees avoid isolation from their team members and helps them stay up-to-date when changes occur.

Connectivity and internet-speed solutions

Nothing makes working remotely harder than a slow or spotty internet connection. Remedy this by ensuring that your remote employees have optimal connectivity and a fast internet connection and they will thank you with continued productivity!

SOL-I.S. understands that many businesses are scrambling to accommodate remote employees while operating as seamlessly as possible. We are here to help by providing your business with the best solutions for your setup and your goals. Learn more about the benefits of managed IT services here! If you want to discuss how we can partner with you, give us a call at 952.279.2424 or learn more here.

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