Performance Improvement Tips

Is your computer acting listless, straining to open files or programs?

Here are some first steps to improving your computer’s performance.

Tip #1 – Free Up Disk Space

One of the first things we look at when cleaning up a computer is hard drive clutter. We start by checking the drive that holds Temp Files and Temporary Internet Files (typically the C: drive) to see how full it is. The easiest way to view hard drive usage and delete temporary files is to:

  • Open My Computer (the icon on your Desktop), right-click on your C:\ drive and select Properties.
  • See the image of your drive showing the amount remaining? Even if there’s plenty of space on the drive, click the Disk Cleanup button. (An alternate way to get to Disk Cleanup is to Click Start, click All Programs, click Accessories, click System Tools, and then click Disk Cleanup.)
  • Check the box for each file type you want to delete, then hit OK. We suggest Temporary Files, Temporary Internet Files, Recycle Bin and Downloaded Program Files

The Disk Cleanup tool helps you to free up space on your hard disk to improve the performance of your computer. The tool identifies files that you can safely delete and then enables you to choose whether you want to delete some or all of the identified files.


To view additional performance tips, just click on the links:

These tips are a good way to get started to better performance and are the first steps we use when cleaning and improving performance on a customer’s computer. SOL-I.S. has many years of experience and we’re ready to put our technical expertise to work for you. If you would like addional assistance with your computers and network, please contact us. You can also receive future tips and support information by joining our mailing list. Just enter your email address in the right sidebar.