Considering Technology Upgrades for Your Office? We’ve Got 5 Questions to Ask

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The thought of technology upgrades for your office can be an overwhelming one. There is typically a hefty price tag associated with both hardware and software upgrades alike. Choosing to avoid upgrades can be a costly oversight while conversely, upgrading office tech can yield a vast return on employee productivity and your bottom line. As a savvy business owner, the challenge is knowing what to upgrade and when the right time is.

Let’s take a look at 5 key questions you should be asking when evaluating tech upgrades…

1. When is the last time we upgraded our office software?
Outdated software is more prone to viruses and malware programs that can compromise sensitive data. New software is better armed to protect against current threats. Utilizing up-to-date software also allows you to stay competitive in your field which can certainly increase the return on your software investment!

2. Is there equipment or hardware that would help our employees do their job more comfortably or efficiently?
It can be easy to underestimate the importance of equipping your employees with the extras that can make a big difference. Would your employees benefit from a computer arm to adjust the angle and position of their monitor? How about a more ergonomic and supportive chair? Or maybe your employees are putting up with old, slow laptops when a new one would increase their passion and productivity. It’s wise to get employee input. They may be privy to equipment or hardware upgrades that you hadn’t considered but will pay dividends moving forward.

3. Does our technology communicate well altogether?
In a cover story on prioritizing computer upgrades, CyberTrend recommends starting by improving the connectedness of all devices within the office. When devices communicate seamlessly with each other, workflow and productivity improve.

4. What are our tech wants vs. what are our tech needs?
This is a crucial question to consider. Allocating company resources on wants means less resources will be available when needs arise, which they always do. It’s best to clarify goals in order to identify needs and address those first. Also consider that some unnecessary upgrades will not increase productivity but will certainly increase your cost.

5. When is the slow season in our office?
Tech upgrades often mean special training. It’s wise to avoid introducing these upgrades during your busiest times of the year. Not only do they often require employee training but because the technology is new it can take some getting used to. Once everyone acclimates to the new technology, productivity will likely surpass the level of productivity with the older technology.

If you would like to learn more about how to navigate technology upgrades within your business or would like any additional IT support, don’t hesitate to contact us at 952.279.2424!

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