Why Your Company’s Data Security Plan Needs Regular Review

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In today’s information age, companies gather mind-boggling amounts of data for the purpose of increasing both profitability and efficiency. While our ability to gather and interpret data continues to increase, we are also increasingly susceptible to security breaches. These breaches can threaten exposure of this confidential information and ultimately our company’s reputation. For these reasons, regular reviews of your company data security plan are imperative. Let’s take a closer look…

Why regular data security reviews are important

Helps maintain your business’ reputation

You spend countless hours over countless months over countless years building the reputation of your business. Data security can either make or break it. Companies that operate from a place of integrity attract a loyal client base. This client base spreads the word about your honest products and services and your trustworthy business practices and your business grows. One data security breach can undo everything you’ve worked so hard to build. You can lose the trust of loyal customers, generate negative publicity that can inhibit future growth, rack up thousands of dollars in legal fees and reap the financial consequences of the downtime this recovery process requires.

Allows appropriate access for employees

In addition to helping you maintain the reputation of your business, regular data security reviews provide a great opportunity to ensure that employees have appropriate access to sensitive information – some more access, some less access or no access at all – and brush up on security training for higher-level employees. This includes training on how to keep company data secure and what protocol to follow in the instance of a breach.

Identifies potential threats or loopholes

Implementing regular data security reviews also helps you identify potential threats to sensitive data and loopholes in your security plan. It forces you to revise or enact a well-devised plan to confront them so your business can continue to operate with vigilance and integrity. Firewalls as well as antivirus and data backup and recovery software are a few important tools to implement and update regularly that help protect your data.

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